MedCure Provides Cadaveric Specimens Worldwide

Four domestic procurement centers and one international distribution center make it easy for MedCure to ship specimens all over the globe.

MedCure Worldwide Cadaveric Specimen Distribution Centers

Our procurement centers are located at the four corners of the United States – Portland, OR; Henderson, NV, Cumberland, RI; and Orlando, FL. Specimens ship from all four locations, although our main shipping hub is at the corporate headquarters in Portland. Customers local to each procurement center can utilize MedCure’s private courier service, which saves on costs for shipping large or small quantities of specimens over short distances.

MedCure Domestic Cadaveric Specimen Distribution Centers

European customers can save on shipping fees by taking advantage of our distribution center in Tilburg, located approximately 70 miles south of Amsterdam in The Netherlands. MedCure is the only specimen provider that has distribution centers outside the United States. Additionally, MedCure has recently secured its own international broker, which means savings on shipments to Asia and South America. Furthermore, MedCure’s shippers are experienced with the extra paperwork involved in international orders and with clearing customs in most countries.

All MedCure facilities follow state and federal regulations regarding shipment of human cadaveric specimens. Our team takes the utmost care to preserve specimen integrity:

  • Specimens being returned to MedCure for disposal are shipped in coolers
  • Each shipment is sent with coolant
  • Each shipment includes detailed return instructions
  • No more than 2-day shipping is allowed on domestic orders
  • All international orders are shipped frozen with dry ice
  • Shippers are experienced with human tissue (i.e. no FedEx, DHL, USPS)

The purpose for these steps is twofold: 1) to ensure high quality tissue for our customers, and 2) to respect the gift of the donation that was made. Above all else, MedCure strives to respect and appreciate the individuals and families who participate in our donation program and who, ultimately, make our business possible.


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