About MedCure

MedCure is a leading non-transplant, anatomical tissue bank devoted to compassionate, ethical services that connect the gift of whole body donors to medical researchers and educators worldwide. MedCure also provides state-of-the-art surgical training laboratories for physicians to learn advanced surgical procedures through lecture and hands-on practice.

MedCure is fully accredited through the American Association of Tissue Banks (AATB), the only U.S. national tissue banking organization.AATB Accred Logo_2014

MedCure’s services contribute to advanced physician training, development of medical technology, study of disease pathology, emergency medical training, improving medicines and more effective, less invasive treatments for patients – benefiting the medical community and society as a whole.

MedCure was founded in 2005 and our corporate office is located in Portland, Oregon. Additional locations are in Orlando, Florida; Providence, Rhode Island; Henderson, Nevada; and St. Louis, Missouri. Oregon, Nevada and Rhode Island locations are Surgical Training Centers.

For more information regarding our whole body donation services visit www.medcure.org or call toll-free: 1-866-560-2525

For further information concerning the American Association of Tissue Banks, go to http://www.aatb.org.


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