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MedCure is the leader in non-transplant, anatomical tissue banking services and state-of-the-art surgical training facilities in Oregon, Nevada and New England. We have the most educated, innovative and customer-focused team to work with you in fulfilling your requests. MedCure is fully-accredited through the American Association of Tissue Banks (AATB).

MedCure surgical training center instructor

Anatomical Specimens

Human cadaveric anatomical tissue specimens provide the best model for medical research and education.

Anatomical Tissue Specimens

Surgical Center

Surgical Training Centers

Whether you need a bioskills lab, wet lab, cadaver lab, or surgical lab, domestically or internationally, we can help!

Surgical Training Centers


MedCure Professional Services

  • Cadaveric Anatomical Specimens
  • Surgical Bioskills Training Laboratories
  • Complete Surgical Training Course Managment
  • International Cadaver Lab Courses & Specimen Availability